Group Solutions • 2018 Chapel Syllabus

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Over the past few years, chapel has focused on a New Testament book: Ephesians, Acts, and Romans. It’s time to take a trip back some 700 years earlier—to the Prophet Isaiah! We won’t cover the whole book. We will only cover the key prophetic passages that look forward to Jesus and the Gospel.

Course work • JV or Varsity!

Students are at different abilities, with different workloads, and time constraints, so I am offering flexibility into our study: you can choose either the “JV” or the “Varsity” level of reading and homework. This isn’t necessarily “Junior High” or “High School”—but rather, “choose the level you are able to commit to.”

If you choose for your student to do the “Junior Varsity”—simply read the passage with my introductory comments, and then answer one or two short response questions. Then—finish with some family discussion and prayer about it!

For students who can do the “Varsity,” I’ve included questions and cross references to go deeper into the text. I will provide many questions—do as much as your schedule allows!

I will not be grading or collecting homework as my schedule won’t allow it. So, parents—it’s up to you!

Chapel • Student Led!

At groups Chapel, I share another short devotional about the assigned passages—hopefully a new thought to take it one step deeper and closer to Jesus!

We will also be enjoying some worship together. I’d love to have the worship time be student led, but I am prepared to break out the guitar for the first few weeks if no one is stepping up yet.

Please contact me if your students want to lead our worship time! And feel free to contact me with any other questions or comments.


Lesson 1 • Due 9/7/18
Isaiah 1:9–20, Isaiah 6:1–10 & John 12:36–43

Lesson 2 • Due 9/21/18
Isaiah 7:1–16, Isaiah 8:8, Isaiah 9:1–7

Lesson 3 • Due 10/5/18
Isaiah 11:1–10, Isaiah 28:16, Isaiah 30:18–26

Lesson 4 • Due 10/19/18
Isaiah 33:13–24, Isaiah 35:1–10

Lesson 5 • Due 11/2/18
Isaiah 40:1–31

Lesson 6 • Due 11/16/18
Isaiah 42:1–25

Lesson 7 • Due 12/7/18
Isaiah 43:1–14A, Isaiah 44:1–8

Lesson 8 • Due 1/18/19
Isaiah 45

Lesson 9 • Due 2/1/19
Isaiah 49:1–16, Isaiah 50:1–11

Lesson 10 • Due 2/15/19
Isaiah 52:7–53:12

Lesson 11 • Due 3/1/19
Isaiah 54

Lesson 12 • Due 3/15/19
Isaiah 55, Isaiah 56:1–8

Lesson 13 • Due 3/29/19
Isaiah 58:1–14, Isaiah 59:1–8

Lesson 14 • Due 4/12/19
Isaiah 59:9–21, Isaiah 61:1–3

Lesson 15 • Due 5/3/19
Isaiah 62:1–5, 10–11, Isaiah 65:17–25, Isaiah 66:1–2