Lesson 1 • Due 9/7/18

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Text • Isaiah 1:9–20

JV • Summary & Reading

This passage describes the futility of the works of empty religion which isn’t backed by a faith that loves and serves those in need.

The key idea is verse 18—This verse graphically describes our need for true supernatural cleansing from sin, which only God can do in our lives.

God compares the stain of sin like the red dye spilled on a perfectly white garment. The ink referred to in Hebrew is made from a worm—an insect called “coccus ilicis,” which is crushed to make the rich, indelible (permanent) red dye.

Scarlet, crimson “worm–dye” would be like a permanent red Sharpie marker on your favorite white T–Shirt! It would take a miracle to get that perfectly clean again!

Have you ever stained your clothes so bad that it was impossible to clean—so you couldn’t wear those clothes in public anymore? Tell the story…!

Isaiah 1:18 • Write this verse out in your own words.
Extra: Decorate it! Use colors and pictures to demonstrate it graphically!

Varsity • Questions & Cross References

Who is God speaking to in this passage? (look back at vs. 3)

What name does He call them in vs. 10? Why does He call them this shocking term? (vs. 9)

What has become a burden to God (some Bibles say He is “weary” of them)? Why are these things annoying to God?

What does God really want from His people? (vs. 17)

What warning does He give if they don’t change their ways? (vs. 20)

Look up Psalm 22:4–6 • Who and what is this prophecy about? What key word in verse 6 relates to Isaiah 1:18? What does this teach us?

Psalm 51:1–2 & 7 • What imagery does King David add to the idea of God’s cleansing?

What do each of the following verses say about how God washes us clean…?

1 Corinthians 6:11

Acts 15:8–9

1 John 1:3 & 7

Text • Isaiah 6:1–10 & John 12:36–43

JV • Summary & Reading

This is the amazing and well–known description of Isaiah’s vision of God on His Throne in the heavenly temple, Isaiah’s awareness of His sin, his cleansing by God, and then his call to go and preach to his people.

When you read John 12:41, what amazing truth does it reveal about Isaiah’s vision? Talk about it!

Varsity • Questions & Cross References

Questions from Isaiah 6:1–10

6:1–7 • What is the main characteristic about God that is repeated and emphasized in this vision?

6:5 & 6 • What is Isaiah’s reaction to this vision?

Which part of his body was Isaiah most convicted about?

What does God do in response?

6:8–9 • And—what mission does God give Isaiah?

What does this teach us about serving God—when we are ultimately weak, broken, inadequate, disqualified sinners?

6:9–10 • How was Isaiah to harden the people’s hearts?

What is the sad irony (unexpected truth) this shows us?

Questions from John 12:36–43…

36 • What was Jesus offering the people?

37 • But because they wouldn’t believe, what were they choosing for themselves?

38–40 • This fulfilled prophecy from Isaiah. Because of people’s unbelief, they would be hardened and blinded.

42–43 • Even though some believed that Jesus’ miracles were signs from God, they didn’t follow through! Why? What were they more concerned about?

41 • Isaiah saw Jesus on the Heavenly Throne in Isaiah 6! Read the following verses to see the whole picture…

Revelation 4:8–11 & 5:5–9 • Where does the “Lamb” (Jesus!) come from in vs. 6?