Lesson 5 • Due 11/2/18

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TEXT • ISAIAH 30:18–26


Isaiah 30:20Although the Lord has given you bread of privation and water of oppression, He, your Teacher will no longer hide Himself, but your eyes will behold your Teacher. Your ears will hear a word behind you, “This is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right or to the left. (NASB)

Can you imagine God Himself teaching you in person? Or walking right behind you, coaching you in every decision you have to make? Or, right there to comfort you at the first tear in your eye? That’s Jesus!

Note: The phrase in verse 20—“Your eyes shall see your Teacher” might be a little confusing if you have an NIV or NKJV, which translate it as “teachers”—not referring to God. Other translations, like ESV or NASB, say “Teacher.” The reason why is that the subject “teacher” is PLURAL in Hebrew, yet the verb is SINGULAR! Most Bible translators see this as a reference to God’s 3-in-1 nature—the Trinity.

Let me explain: In Hebrew, God can be referred to as a PLURAL subject, which stresses His magnitude and infinite nature, yet with a SINGULAR verb or adjective, which clarifies that God is ONE. God’s name “Elohim” works this way. It is plural, yet used with singular verbs. Cool, huh?

The point is this: Jesus IS God—and God came to teach us in person!


John 3:2 • What proved that Jesus was “from God as a teacher”?

John 13:12–15 • How did Jesus teach His disciples in this passage?

Luke 6:40 • What is the job of the student?

Galatians 5:25 & John 14:16–17 • How does our Teacher guide and direct our steps today?

TEXT • ISAIAH 33:17–24


Vs. 17–18 is well stated in the ESV • Your eyes will behold the king in his beauty; they will see a land that stretches afar. Your heart will muse on the terror: “Where is he who counted, where is he who weighed the tribute? Where is he who counted the towers?” You will see no more the insolent people…

The theme is peace! Isaiah sees Jerusalem dwelling in security and peace, with no more foreign invaders among them. The enemy that counted their towers and calculated the expected tribute was long gone. It was as if God Himself was a wide river of peace and prosperity—without an enemy warship to be seen anywhere (vs. 21)

The best part: The Beautiful King is there—a Judge, Lawgiver, King, and Savior! Sins are forgiven; sicknesses are healed.


John 1:14 • We saw (“beheld”) His…

Psalm 45 is a King’s Wedding Psalm, and is quoted in Hebrews 1, telling us it is prophetic of Jesus. Verses 1–10 are about the Messiah, seen as a Groom in a wedding. Verses 11–16 are about the Bride, so are a picture of the Church.

Vs. 2 • He is fairer than…

What is upon the King’s lips?

Vs. 4 • What are the three “causes” He champions?

Vs. 6 • What amazing title is given the King?

Isaiah 53:2–3 • How is Messiah’s natural, or physical beauty described here?

Matthew 17:2 • How is Jesus’ glory described here?

TEXT • ISAIAH 35:1–10


This is one of the most critical Messianic passages in all of Isaiah, next to chapter 53. In this passage, we find the credentials (signs) of Messiah. These are the identifying markings that the Messiah would be recognized by. Let’s jump right into the cross references…!


Matthew 11:1–6 • Describe the circumstances of this passage.

What does Jesus quote in His response to John?

Matthew 15:30–31 • Summarize this in your own words…

Open the Eyes of the Blind =

John 9:6-7 • How did Jesus heal this blind man?

John 9:39–41 • Who is blind in this passage?

Why can’t Jesus heal them?

Open the Ears of the Deaf & the Mute will Shout =

Mark 7:32–35 • How does Jesus heal this deaf & mute man?

Luke 11:14–15 • How did some respond to this miracle?

Ephesians 1:13 • How is our salvation described here?

The Lame will Leap =

Luke 5:23–26 • By healing the lame man, what was Jesus proving?

Philippians 2:16 • How are we to keep running straight in life (not “lame”)?