Lesson 11 • Due 3/1/19

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TEXT • ISAIAH 53:5–12


No introduction: We simply continue the previous chapter’s study…


53:5 • “Pierced” / “Crushed” / “Chastened” (punished) / “Scourged” (whipped). These terms describe the what Jesus endured—even to death (vs 8: “cut off from the land of the living”).

John 20:25 • Why does this disciple believe in Jesus?

Colossians 2:14 • What did Jesus’ nails do for us?

53:6 • We turned aside from God and went our own way—so our sin fell on Jesus instead! This is the cornerstone of the Gospel message. He did it for you! He took your place!

Take a moment in prayer and thank Jesus for suffering in your place. (Varsity challenge: Write your prayer out…)

53:7“Like a lamb that is led to slaughter… like a sheep that is silent” / Jesus kept His mouth shut as He was being falsely accused and horribly slandered. He didn’t defend Himself!

Why? What would have happened if Jesus had spoken? Think about it: what could Jesus have done by His word?

53:8 • These verses describe Jesus’ death. Notice the rhetorical question: “When the Messiah died, was anyone there saying, ‘He is dying for the sins of His people, and He is suffering for my sins!” The answer is sadly, of course—”No!”

53:9 • There is one consolation: Because the Messiah was innocent, what dignity does God give Him?

Read about it in Matthew 27:57–60. Describe this scene:

Romans 6:4–5 • We often think about how Jesus died for us. What do we also need to remember, which is just as important?

Here is a conclusion we can draw: Not only did Jesus die in our place, on a cross meant for us, Jesus also_____?

53:10 • The meaning of the first part of this verse is clear: God the Father was pleased to offer His Son as a sacrifice in our place (John 3:16!)

It is the second part of this verse that needs a little study—yet the meaning is awesome: After dying, the Messiah will have more days upon the earth and will see His “offspring” (disciples) again!

Acts 1:1–3 • What does this passage tells us about?

53:11 • There is so much salvation truth packed into this one short verse!

• There is the agony of bearing the sin of the world—the atonement.

• There is satisfaction—that Jesus satisfied the Father’s wrath against sin by His sacrifice, which offers justification, making people right with God.

• There is knowing Jesus—a relationship with God that brings a new identity.

53:12 • How is Jesus’ death described here—what did He do?

What does this say Messiah receives because of His work of saving us?


Acts 17:2–3 • Paul preached what about Jesus? From what?

Acts 26:22–23 • Again: What did Paul preach from? And what truth did Paul preach?

Isaiah 53 teaches the death and resurrection of Jesus! The resurrection of the Messiah was promised in the prophets. Paul surely turned to these very same scriptures you have just studied as he led thousands of people to faith in Jesus!