Marriage & the Gospel

Here’s my second foray into self–publishing—Marriage & the Gospel.

The premise of this book is this: According to Ephesians 5, Marriage is a Mysterious Picture of the Gospel. In the same way, Jesus’ love for His Bride, the Church, is the Template we are to follow in our own marriages. In this book, we look at various scriptural stories of marriages that illustrate the Gospel, for good or for bad. The key idea though is this: consider the Gospel and apply it to marriage. This book is way more about Jesus than it is about marriage!

Currently, the best way to get a copy is to stop by the Calvary Chapel of Oxnard bookstore and get one in person. It will set you back about $10.

If you don’t live nearby, contact me! I’ll mail you a copy, or a free PDF.

Marriage and the Gospel back

Marriage and the Gospel front

Messiah in Isaiah • Introduction

<<Groups Chapel Introduction – PDF>>


During Isaiah’s ministry, the northern kingdom of Israel (also known as “Samaria”) fell to the Assyrians, and the ten tribes were taken into Exile, never to return again as an intact nation. It looked as if Judah would fall as well, but Isaiah prophesied that God would preserve them (Isaiah 37). Their incredible deliverance came as the angel of the Lord struck down the Assyrian army in the middle of the night as they were encamped against Jerusalem.

But, because of Judah’s continued moral failure, Isaiah knew they would eventually go into exile as well (Isaiah 39:1–8). The difference for Judah, though, was, unlike the northern tribes who disappeared in their exile, Judah would be restored after a time of correction in captivity. Their restoration from exile becomes the theme of the last 26 chapters (40–66), and begins with the powerful word, “Comfort!”

Isaiah is one of the most Messianic of all the OT prophets. His words have a huge impact on the message of the Gospel. Continue reading