Lesson 14 • Due 4/12/19

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TEXT • ISAIAH 59:1–15


59:1God can save…

59:2God doesn’t hide His face, but still, His face is hidden.

Why? Who is to blame?

59:3–4Isaiah sees hands of bloody evil and lips of lies! Every deed done and every word uttered corrupted and twisted by sin. What a horrible and desperate condition.

59:5–6This passage graphically portrays how sin brings consequences. It is also kind of gross, especially if you hate snakes & spiders (like I do).

People who intentionally sin and deceive are treating a snake’s egg like a chicken egg.

Why could this be a problem?

People who willfully sin and deceive are also trying to make clothing out of spider’s webs, like wool or silk.

Why could this be a problem?

What does this teach us about sin and deception?

Why can we never bring forth something good from evil?

Why can we never truly do a “cover up” when we sin?

59:7–8 • How does this describe the world we see around us?

59:9–14Notice that Isaiah has been saying “You” and “Them” up to this point, but now he shifts to “WE”!

Why does he do this? Hint: see verse 12!

59:9–10 • What metaphor does Isaiah use to describe the effect of sin?

59:11Think about this: an unrepentant nation growling like bears &
moaning like doves. Let’s find out why in the next section…

59:14–15In vs 11, the nation was hoping for justice & salvation, but never finding it.

What does vs 14 say about justice & righteousness? Why is it never found?

TEXT • ISAIAH 59:16–21


59:16 • God “astonished, appalled, or wondered” to discover that “There was no one to______________ for us.”

What does this mean that we need, in terms of salvation?

Do you think God was actually taken by surprise or shocked about this? Certainly, not! So, what is Isaiah’s meaning?

Hint: What is God’s response? Does He just sit by and let it happen?

God saw that we needed a Man to intercede for us, but there wasn’t one, so God’s “own right arm” brought salvation to Him.

What does this mean? How does this point to our Messiah?

59:17 • Read the Armor of God in Ephesians 6:10–18…

Do you think the Apostle Paul was thinking of Isaiah when he wrote that famous passage? Of course!

When we put on the Armor of God—who wore it first?

59:18–20This looks forward to Jesus coming back to reign and rule our world, and finally put an end to the presence of sin on our planet. Halleluiah!

59:21Big finish…! In our salvation, we have a Promise from God which ties it all together. God calls it a Covenant—an unbreakable promise…

God’s Spirit and His Word will never __________________ from those who turn to Him!

Summarize these passages:

John 4:14 •

John 7:37–39 •